Mar 082013

To all my friends and associates in Austin. Texas,
Time will stand still this Sunday night when the WORLD’S STRANGEST SHOW, the 999 EYES, plays at Spiderhouse Ballroom.  This show will be the pinnacle of this freakshow’s short tour, when the performance will be honed to a razor sharp edge.  If you are a fan of Freakshows, Sideshows, or the music of THAT Damned Band, I implore you to attend this assuredly most phenominal performance.

“Performance Art Genius”
 -TIME Magazine, 2035

“…some of our freakin’ favorites…”
-Wired Magazine, 2011

“A darkly euphoneous din accompanied vagarious compositions of human anatomy”
Harper’s Weekly 1891 – “Pilgrimage to Coney Island”

Best Wishes,
Dylan M. Blackthorn

999 EYES
THAT Damned Band
Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour