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THAT Damned Band’s “Mutantstrosities” CD- $15 ppd.

An epically wild and phantasmagoric acoustic music journey into the realms of monsters, freaks, and their relationship with mythology. Features the sideshow poetry of the Black Scorpion, and Dahktur Sick’s hit “Gone Where the Gobbelins Go”. High quality audio recording, 42 minutes. $15 postage paid.

THAT Damned Band s/t Debut Album – $15 ppd.

This professionally produced CD features over 70 minutes of dark carnival gypsy jug band music from THAT Damned Band. Guest performers Jackie the Human Tripod, Guy Forsyth, Laura Freeman, John Doyle of the White Ghost Shivers, Lowrent the clown, and Steve R. Stevenson add to THAT Damned Band’s classic 6 piece arrangement of Accordion, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet, Resonator Guitar, Fiddle, and Washboard. $15 postage paid.