Dec 182012

THAT Damned Band

Award-Winning Burlesque from NOLA’s GoGo MacGregor

Dead Music Capital Band

Sick’s Pack

9PM Swan Dive 615 Red River 21+ $10 admission

Local 999, a temporally-Austin-based Time Traveler’s Association presents an evening of End of the World entertainment in anticipation of the end of time predicted by the ancient Mayan civilization. The event is scheduled such that the finale will be in the beginning, and then again at the end of the show. This has been done to ensure a quality end of the world entertainment in case time ends, the world ends, or in the case that time will start running backwards at midnight, or in case it doesn’t. The show will start, and end, with a big finale set by THAT Damned Band, with support from New Orleans-based award-winning burlesque dancer GoGo MacGregor and her legendary fan dance; and also from zombie marching band the Dead Music Capital Band and from Kerrville Folk Festival thrash-folk favorites Sick’s Pack. There will be a Post-apocalyptic Costume Contest with prizes hosted by MC Ozzy (The prizes will be awarded at the end of the night, sorry.)! The entire event will take place from 9PM to 2AM (if there is a 2 AM!) at Swan Dive, 615 Red River in Austin, Texas. This is the Time Traveler Local 999’s 2nd annual End of the World Show. The 1st annual End of the world show was May 21st, 2011, celebrating the Christian Rapture.