Sep 212015


AUSTIN, TEXAS – Freaks and time travel meet the new surrealist movement October 9th in Austin, Texas.  The Black Scorpion has just signed a deal with Dylan Blackthorn of THAT Damned Band to manipulate time and space in accordance with bellows squeezed pseudo-ivory tinkling claws as part of a very strange evening at Badlands in Austin Texas.  Black & Blackthorn will be performing their new surrealist musical comedy of errors after midnight, admission is all the money you have in your pocket into the tip hat.

Jul 312015


Arising like devils of dust, the assembled miscellany of musicians with broken strings, busted reeds, and hoarse whiskey-soaked voices will be having an apocalyptic dark carnival sing-a-long Friday September 4th at Center Camp Cafe in Black Rock City, Nevada.  Featuring members of Thee Hobo Gobbelins, the Bad Things, Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits, Sour Mash Hug Band, Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour, & Weiner Dog Roadblock. The show runs 7pm-8pm, and admission is $390 sliding scale and/or your soul.  Center Camp cafe is located at the intersection of Rod’s Road and 6:00 Promenade, in the middle of the Center Camp Keyhole.

Jul 312015

Behold the Triumphant return of the band that is too weird for Austin – THAT Damned Band! Behold Imp of the Perverse, Spidrs, Snakes, and Lost Spirits all. Goblinfolk music for your Necromantic Soul. Steampunk ballads available on request.  The show runs 9pm to 11pm, is open to all ages, and admission is free.


Jun 082015

Dylan BLACKTHORN on 6th St @ SXSW - 03/15/2012

Attention Ghouls, Gobbelins, Beast fantastical & strange*, also well come New Age Travelers, Time Lords, & Masked weirdos: You are invited all! Friday July 10th is Dylan M. Blackthorn’s “pretty much my birthday” party. THAT Damned Band’s last Austin show of the Summer! Please attend, bring your dream creatures! (dogs & qiant spiders allowed outside) *Shape-shifting Lizardmen, please come without your “skins”, we shall prepare a special ballad for you.  Coming up July 10th, 2015 set times are as follows: 8-9pm, Junkyard Mongrels, 9-11pm THAT Damned Band.  Keep Austin weird, one day at a time.

May 052015

accordion sticker 1 copyTHAT Damned Band plays Radio Coffee & Beer in South Austin – Only the finest in Phantasmagoric Storytelling songwriting from the Futurepast!  Enjoy timeshlock folkrock, two sets of AccordionTuba-fueled intelli-psyche faux-polka rock-n-rolla!  THAT Damned Band – building tomorrow’s future yesterday afternoon.  Brought to you by 999 EYES in association with a TIME grant courtesy of the Tzar of New France ca. 3030.

Apr 252015


THAT Damned Band headlines Beltaine (Fri. May 1st) Rope-A-Dope Music Fest 10-11pm!

Friday May 1st-2nd is the 2nd annual Rope-A-Dope Art and Music Fest at The Music Ranch. As always, and always will be BYOB and dog friendly. You don’t have to camp, but camp sites are available and is encouraged. There will be local roots festival of folk, bluegrass, funk, and psychedelic, as well as many local artists, vendors, and poetry slam. $15 a day to get in and free to camp once you are in. For vending or booking information please call RopeAdope Mike Beberwyk or message me at Rope A Dope Jewelry. See y’all there! Order tickets via Eventbrite:


Friday-Mark Turner Freestyle 2pm-3 Convict Hill 6:30-8 Dixie Underground 8:30-9:30 THAT Damned Band 10-11


Friday- Sally on the Side 3:30-4:30 Knight Owls 5-6 4orms 11:15-12:15 The Hustle 12:30-2:30

PICKIN’ & STOMPIN’ stage: Saturday- Mark Turner Freestyle 12 noon-1 36″ Wheels 3:30-4:40 Junkyard Mongrels 5-6 Dixie Underground 8:30-9:30 Appalachian Dinosaur Exhibit 10:45-12am

FUNK IT & JAM stage: Saturday- The Hustle 1:30-3 Sally on the Side 7-8 Knight Owls 9:45-10:30 Sciborg and the Robopimps 12:30am-1:30 Starved Rock 1:45-2:30

Drunkin’ kareoke and pickin’ each night after music sets. Spoken word and comedy by Olas Ross and Chad Ward as well as open mic slam between each set.

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Oct 162014

What a great night with Thee Hobo Gobbelins, THAT Damned Band, & special guest Gary Lindsay from Black Eyed Vermillion even singing a couple of tunes! Thanks to all who made it to the show, your interest is appreciated – please sign up for THAT Damned Fans email list for further updates. Thursday night, THAT Damned Band with Sick play at Radio Coffee & Beer on Manchaca at Ben White, 9-11pm

Sep 292014

THAT Damned has updated our site with a new lyrics page.  More lyrics to come – please email us at thatdamnedband (at) g mail (dot) com for requests, or pm THAT Damned Band on facebook if you have a specific song that is not listed that you would like to see posted.

Sep 112014

Texan native Banjoist, painter, and graphic designer Adam Kobetich (Gatorhorse Studios) has been working closely with Dylan M. Blackthorn for years, designing otherworldly art and logos for THAT Damned Band & the 999 EYES FREAKSHOW & SURREAL SIDESHOW.  Adam’s work brings to life the phantasmagoric array of imagery from Dylan’s songs with a 1980’s underground comic book feel, a touch of Geiger(RIP), and with a variety of color mediums.

One of Adam’s best works for THAT Damned Band is his watercolor  illustration for THAT Damned Band’s CD release poster for Mutantstrosities.  You can see Adam’s retrospective on the creative process for the piece here:

That Damned Band -Mutantstrosities – an album on Flickr.

Adam Kobetich’s online Gallery can be seen here:

Sep 112014

Howdy friends and fans – check it out!

“THAT Damned Band’s album Mutantstrosities is an epically wild and phantasmagoric acoustic musical exploration of the themes of Monsters, Freaks, the Dregs of Society, and the Circus Sideshow Midway.” –

Y’all can buy THAT Damned Band’s newest album, Mutantstrosities, at at this link:

That Damned Band | Mutantstrosities | CD Baby Music Store.


Chloe French
“Another Great album… THAT Damned band is wonderful, and so is their album. This is a collection of more carnival sounding eclectic music.”
March 13, 2014
“…could very well be the scariest band ever.”
Sonny H. Briggs
“Great CD… [I] found this band on an internet radio site. they have a great sound and a quality recording. love it. i really enjoy a band with flavor and originality.” November 11, 2012
David Lynch, Austin Chronicle
“That Damned Band is a peculiar animal… bawdy delivery and performative schtick … acoustic tone poems about booze, Satan, hobos, snake pits, circuses, and pirates on washboard, resonator guitar, clarinet, accordion, sousaphone… Musically, they’re skilled… the band’s overall effect is one of visceral entertainment, and it works…” Feb. 15, 2008
“(That Damned Band) is spectacular if you like accordions and circus music and wash tub basses and saws.
Some of their musicians are also ‘freaks’.” July 8th, 2008